Hey it's me. Remember ? I've been lazy lately, very lazy. But recently I mcg with yuue04 and I feel to write again. Thanks unnie. So I decided to update my vampire fiction *vampire mood on*. Hope you still remember my fic. I change the plot, a lot.  Hhmm so I think I'll update that fic now. Any other fic you want me to update ? Just tell me ^^

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*ignore me*
summary of the evening
td lepas subuh tido balek...n bile lepas sedar..selalunyerr refresh balik mimpi,,ad yg best dan yg pelik...yg best..mimpi kyunnie tgh buatkan japenese crepe tok saye..siap dgn filling berries...*saya rindu sj..esp my kyu oppa n saye nak MAKAN CREPE!!!* dan yg pelik saya mimpi the whole football team member...what: harimau muda =.= wth !!? yaya tak minat pown bola! n lastly dpt tahu tarikh result kuar..stilll rumors ...tp papepown estimated date dia adalah pada 22 MARCH 2012...>.< doa n tawakal je lah yaya!

cioa ^^

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I feel very sad,
My favorite physics teacher has been moved to another school
I cried a lot earlier
I miss her
because of  her I like physics very much
the way she teaches make physics so much fun and easy
today, I met her personally three times
she kept say that I can get straight A
I could only nod.
it was kind of my promise to her
i hope i can get the straight A +
it is
my promise
my goal
and my dreams

i can't thank you enough
good luck in your new school
i'll always remember you
and your warm smile
i'll try my hardest for SPM
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so many things in my mind
mostly bout my trial
huhuhu..i'm scared and nervous
n there's a boy..
he make my heart go crazy
i don't know why i feel like this
i'm not so happy these day
can you make me smile ?
seriously..i want an ice cream and roses !!
maybe kinder bueno and secret recipe too >.<
don't know what is wrong with me

p/s : pick either one, "never the same" or "i want a baby"..sorry..but i'm not in mood for vampire


aishh long time didn't visit lj
miss you so much
especially my readers *hugs
i'm going to reply ur comment
it probably going to be the same and i really take a long time to reply it
sorry for that
i REALLY appreciate your comments
so i'm going to reply it no matter what :)
about my updates..
still working on it..
sorry again for the long wait ~

I don't know

uwahhh >///< i just read a smut chaptered fic and i was like OMG !!! that is sooooooooooo adult. How I'm going to write something like that ?!
i am writing epilogue for 'Picture of my Heart' but I don't know how to start writing the 'scene'. I never ever write a smut and i felt very embarrass by just reading someone fic

oetokke ?!?

any advice ? suggestion ?